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Younger people sometimes dismiss oral and pharyngeal cancer as being a problem faced by the elderly population. While it is true that your chances of suffering oral cancer do increase with age, it can still occur in people under the age of 60.

Genetics and certain lifestyle choices can increase your chances of suffering from oral or pharyngeal cancer. This could include a family history of oral cancer, regular tobacco use, of the frequent consumption of alcohol.

Early detection of oral and pharyngeal cancer can significantly improve your treatment options and treatment success rates. The American Cancer Society notes that Most patients with stage I or II oral or pharyngeal cancer can be successfully treated with surgery or some form of radiation therapy.

This is why every dental checkup performed by Dr. Alfred Haeberer includes a basic screening to detect any early signs of oral or pharyngeal cancer. This involves a cursory examination of your mouth, gums, neck, tongue, and throat.

If Dr. Alfred Haeberer finds any signs of oral or pharyngeal cancer he will refer you to an oncologist or another specialist to confirm the diagnosis and start the treatment process.

If you live in the Sterling, Virginia, area and you have oral or pharyngeal cancer concerns, you should not delay in calling 703-433-2155 to schedule a checkup with an oral cancer screening at Haeberer Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.