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Did you know that as you age some of your dental health needs may change? Are you trying to find ways to maintain your oral health during this new season of your life? We would like to assist you by identifying some common concerns found in adults ages 55 and above and what can be done to help treat them.

Many people in this stage of life may experience dry mouth, which could be caused by certain medical disorders or can be a side effect of medications. Dry mouth occurs when saliva production is reduced, and the soft tissues of the mouth can become irritated and even more susceptible to infection. Saliva helps to naturally clean the mouth of food particles and if you have dry mouth frequently, you could be at an elevated risk for tooth decay.

To help treat dry mouth, you can chew on sugar-free gum or candy to begin stimulating your saliva production. You may also want to drink more water to help keep your mouth moist. Our dentists may also recommend that you use an oral rinse.

You should have your teeth checked frequently by our dentists as you are not immune to dental decay, which could begin under fillings that may be failing without your knowledge. Even without experiencing discomfort, a cavity could be forming and it’s better to take care of an issue before it develops into a larger problem.

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