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The things you put in your mouth can affect not just your waistline but your teeth and gums as well. For better oral health, today we want to share some healthier choices for you to consider. Our Haeberer Family & Cosmetic Dentistry team invites you to practice the following tips for better tooth and gum health:

Your daily food choices
-Consume fruits and vegetables for healthier teeth and gums. These typically have high levels of water and fiber that can balance harmful sugars along with cleaning your teeth as they encourage saliva production. Saliva washes away harmful oral acids and debris while neutralizing the acid.
-Proteins such as lean meats, and fish, eggs, and beans give your teeth the phosphorous they need along with protein.
-Low-fat dairies like yogurt, cheese, and milk give your teeth and gums beneficial calcium and protein.

Your daily hydration choices
If you have a habit of drinking sugary beverages (soda, sports drinks) your teeth are paying a steep price. Instead, choose the hydrating properties of plain water, or fluoridated water, to protect your teeth while safely washing away cavity-causing oral debris and keeping healthy levels of saliva production in the works.

Your daily snack choices
You probably already know that snacking on sugars and starches isn’t good for your teeth or your waistline. In fact, they invite cavities by feeding the cavity-causing bacteria already in your mouth. Instead, snack on cheese, yogurt, nuts, fruits, and vegetables for better oral health. And when you aren’t really hungry but want to chew, you can’t go wrong with sugarless gum–it actually lowers your risk of cavities as it stimulates saliva flow.

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