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Laser dentistry is a form of dentistry that has grown in popularity in recent years. Some projections put the use of lasers in dentist offices to at least six percent, and that amount continues to rise as doctors and patients alike are coming to appreciate the positive outcomes of laser dentistry. Read about how the following oral procedures can be improved with the use of oral lasers.

Joint treatment. TMJ is a painful disease affecting more than 3,000,000 people in the US each year. Oral lasers, specifically soft tissue lasers, can relieve the side effects of TMJ.

Nerve regeneration. Similar to how laser dentistry can be applied to diminish tooth sensitivity, it can also be used to regenerate impaired nerve endings. The same practice can also be utilized to restore blood vessels and scars inside your oral cavity.

Observance and inspection of the mouth. In many cases, to find a cavity, you’d have to take several x-rays and wait to view the results. With the power of oral laser technology, we can look at the inside of your chompers instantly.

Reducing tooth sensitivity. Your chompers are sensitive because of small nerve endings called tubules, which are set under your pearly whites. With the help of oral lasers, we can reduce the hot-and-cold sensitivity of your teeth by shutting the tubules.

There are lots of additional examples of how laser dentistry can be utilized in oral offices, and we’d love to show you a few firsthand! Please call 703-433-2155 now to set up your next checkup with Dr. Roja Vemula at Haeberer Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Sterling, Virginia.