Our office offers two types of teeth whitening in Potomac Falls, Virginia. For our time-conscious patients, we offer professional home whitening. Our caring dentist will hand make custom trays himself to allow you to whiten your teeth at home, at your leisure.

For patients who want to take their smile to the next level, we offer in-office whitening. In addition to having Dr. Alfred Haeberer custom make whitening trays for you, you will have two one-hour sessions of teeth whitening in our office. This will bring out the lustrous radiance your smile had when you were a teen. Both teeth whitening systems are part of the “White-for-Life” program that allows you to maintain your smile.

When you come in for your six-month re-care visit, along with the regular care that all of our patients receive, our “White-for-Life” patients will receive complimentary teeth whitening gel to maintain their bright smile! Haeberer Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offers this care because when you have a white smile, then your teeth will look healthier, younger, and more beautiful. You can regain confidence in your smile and in yourself after you visit our office for this service. Call our dental team today if you want to learn more about teeth whitening.