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As a foundation of patient education and high-quality clinical work, dental photography is an essential part of our services at Haeberer Family & Cosmetic Dentistry! Macro photography refers to extremely detailed photos of small-scale items. In dentistry, these items are your teeth and everything associated with them. There are many benefits to using dental macro photography in Sterling, Virginia, such as:

  • Improved record keeping – Enhanced pre- and post-operative photographs provide patients and our team with a quality visual record of any treatments done
  • Standard of care – Advanced analysis of before and after photos improve the standard of care we provide to patients
  • Dental lab communication – With high-quality photos of cosmetic and restorative cases, the standard of labwork we receive can be more accurate
  • Reputation – With written consent from our patients, we are able to share photos of their smile transformation on social media and the web. This helps maintain our reputation of providing advanced, quality dental care.
  • Patient education – We use dental macro photography in order to better explain the concern to the patient, which helps them feel informed and “see what we see.” With this goodwill and trust in place, patients can understand more clearly their oral health needs and the services that can treat them.
If you have questions concerning our use of dental macro photography, give us a call at 703-433-2155! Dr. Alfred Haeberer and our team will gladly address your concerns. Our ultimate goal is to provide you the comfortable, educational and beneficial dental care you deserve.