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Do you ever feel extremely confused when looking at the ingredient list on your toothpaste label? If so, our Haeberer Family & Cosmetic Dentistry dental team completely understands! Some of the ingredients can be tough to understand. So, to help you, we would like to tell you all about the top four common ingredients found in toothpaste in Sterling, Virginia. Those ingredients are:

Fluoride: Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps your teeth in a myriad of ways. In fact, it can strengthen and nourish your tooth enamel, making it strong enough to fight the effects of sugar and acid. This helps you prevent tooth decay and tooth sensitivity.

Glycerol: Glycerol keeps toothpaste from drying out and it helps the paste flow smoothly from the tube. This can also be known as glycerin or glycerine. When it’s not used in toothpaste, it can be used in foods like yogurt, pre-cooked rice, and peanut butter.

Sorbitol: Sorbitol holds the toothpaste together and it also acts as a sweetening agent. Even though it sweetens the paste, it doesn’t cause cavities. This ingredient can also be used as a substitute for sugar for someone who has diabetes.

Calcium carbonate: Calcium carbonate in an abrasive ingredient that helps remove plaque, debris, and surface stains from your teeth. This ingredient can help save your smile from many dental issues, like tooth decay, gum disease, and even smile discoloration.

Now that you know about four ingredients of your toothpaste, you’re on your way to better understanding the product that cleans your smile! If you would like to know the details about additional ingredients, please don’t hesitate to give our office at call at 703-433-2155. Dr. Roja Vemula and our dental team will be thrilled to help you!